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Developing next-generation therapies
to treat Central Nervous System disorders

Allostery is a fascinating area of research, enabling a generation of new drugs with improved efficacy and safety


By harnessing the true power of allostery, we can fine-tune small molecules to target brain proteins more precisely and effectively

Embryonic Stem Cells

Our Vision

We are working with patients in mind to develop an effective and safe therapy for Essential Tremor (ET).

Following, we plan to develop additional therapies targeting other validated GABAA indications (anxiety, seizures) and diverse neurochemical receptors (NMDA, muscarinic receptors, mGluRs).

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Life Lab


Our team coalesced around a passion for advancing scientific innovations to help patients struggling with Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders live longer, healthier lives.

The idea was born at Prof. Kevin Hodgetts' Laboratory for Drug Discovery in Neuroscience at the Brigham and Women's Hospital, when Kevin and Dr. Dario Doller saw the opportunity to harness allostery to develop a new generation of CNS therapies.

We are now advancing an allosteric small molecule therapy to treat Essential Tremor (ET), before targeting additional CNS disorders.

Our unique methodology


Focus on brain diseases

We are developing fine-tuned allosteric therapies to treat Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders, as small molecules remain the optimal drug modality in this therapeutic area.

High probability of success

We control for biologic risk by focusing on clinically validated biological targets with persistent unmet medical need, mechanistically traced to suboptimal drug functional effects, amenable to allosteric modulation.

Patients first

Our lead small molecule is a GABAA modulator targeting Essential Tremor, fine-tuned to restore healthy receptor function while avoiding excessive receptor potentiation, to preserve efficacy and reduce side-effects

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Our Therapy

We have achieved preclinical in vivo proof-of-concept, and are now identifying a lead clinical candidate to treat Essential Tremor.

Brain Scans

Meet the Team

We share a passion for advancing scientific innovations to help patients live longer, healthier lives.

Our Support

Our project has attracted highly accomplished and motivated advisors, consultants and mentors.

Including: a world class neurologist and ET key opinion leader, experienced clinical and regulatory drug developers, experts in translational GABA biology, clinical pharmacology and pharmacokinetics, and serial biotech entrepreneurs and investors.


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Blavatnik Therapeutic Challenge Award

Our founding lab was awarded $1 million to advance lead compounds in Essential Tremor in 2022-2023

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Nucleate Activator Program

Semi-finalists in the 2023 Nucleate Activator Program final pitch showcase in Boston


President's Innovation Challenge

Semi-finalists in the 2023 Harvard iLab’s President's Innovation Challenge


Harvard Business School

Semi-finalists in the 2023 Harvard Business School New Venture Competition pitch competition


iLab Grant Award

Awarded a non-dilutive grant by the Harvard Innovation Lab to advance our research and business development in 2023

Current ET treatments are worse than the disease itself

- Patients, physicians and caregivers struggling with Essential Tremor (ET)

Essential Tremor is widespread and highly debilitating

Yet ET remains significantly underreported and undertreated

We are thrilled to advance the first novel treatment to help ET patients, their families and caretakers in over half a century.

Please connect to learn more - we are excited to engage with the ET community!

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Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab 

127 Western Avenue, Allston, MA 02134

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